Our Barrel Aging Process

Core to our identity, barrel aged beers have been a part of the business plan from day one. Releasing them is another matter, as each must be given time to become the beer it was meant to be. This means some of our beers will spend months in oak before bottling, and some will spend years. Each beer is packaged and released when we feel it is ready for your enjoyment. We strive to ensure your first sip is as good as the last, so each of our beers are designed to be balanced, elegant and harmonious.


Head Brewer Stephen pulls a sample for sensory.

Head Brewer Stephen pulls a sample for sensory.



Our Bottles

We release new barrel aged beers twice a year to our Publican Club first. Memberships can be had by visiting out taproom at 263 Mill Street.


spring release 2019

-The Bourbon Council 2019 -

12.5% ABV

bottled May 2019

A big, yet balanced roast character, combined with pronounced notes of bourbon, cocoa, vanilla, oak, praline and spice. Aged in a mixture of bourbon barrels for up to 2 years

-Rhyme or Reason -

6.5% ABV

bottled November 2018

We love hops and oak, so we dry hopped this oak-aged sasion with Citra and Mosaic cryo hops and bottle conditioned it with Brettanomyces. Notes of bright citrus fruit create a pleasant balance with underlying rustic character

-The Branch, the barrel and the vine-

10.5% ABV

bottled December 2018

Layered flavors of Beglian malt, mild spice, bourbon, port, rich dates and cherry pie. A complex ale with surprising balance, almost as poetic as its name. Barrel aged with Brettanomyces Lambicus

-Foeder on Blackberry -

6.8% ABV

bottled February 2019

We grew up with a wall of blackberries in our backyard. Home to fresh memories of childhood and summer. This foeder beer was subsequently aged in pinot noir barrels on top of Oregon blackberries, creating a mild brett funk, refreshing acidity and light peppery blackberry notes.

-Foeder on Peche -

6.6% ABV

bottled January 2019

Delicate peach tones quickly brighten with a little help from one of our mixed cultures. Flavors of soft ripe fruit with a mild funk and refreshing acidity that’s sure to please those who love wild ales. Peaches sourced from our friends at Me and Moore farms.

-The Sparrow and The Crow -

7.5% ABV

bottled February 2019

Smart and sacred, the sparrow and the crow is aged with sauv blanc juice from our friends at Territorial Winery. A blend of foeder and barrel aged ale secondarily fermented with a mix of our favorite brett strains.

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Previous releases

-Cellar Muse farmhouse ale aged on apricots

-Seeds of Infinity dry hopped brett saison

-Bourbon Council 2018


We brew short batch runs, so each bottle release is subject to availability.